SimpleConfined SpaceManagement

  • work safely 
  • stay organized 
  • support ISO & OSHA standards 

Thousands of organizations power their safety programs with KHA applications—where award-winning technology meets superior experience.

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Streamline Workflows for Creating and Issuing Permits 

Administrators can create and digitally deliver entry permits to workers by e-mail. Permission controls support task delegation to qualified workers. Centralized data makes issuing permits fast and easy. Authorized users can login anywhere and view active permits to monitor work progress.

Add Greater Detail to your Confined Space Records 

Organizations tasked with managing countless spaces can easily locate individual spaces, review their associated hazards and generate and track permits. Upload AutoCAD maps of your sites’ confined spaces, add images, geo coordinates, and space-specific details ensuring the space you need is quickly located with accuracy.

Archive Permits for Record Keeping Purposes 

From ISO to OSHA, standards require that records are maintained as you work in spaces where permits are required. No more digging through file cabinets—easily searchable and organized, reliable records and reporting capabilities allow you to stand steadfast during any audit. With no limit on data storage, your records are maintained indefinitely.

Poweredby the Cloud 

Your data is accessible anywhere from any device. No software to install. Updates are provided at no charge and pushed via the cloud—protecting you from software obsolescence. Redundant DNS infrastructure supports incomparable dependability—guaranteed three-nines of availability (99.9%).